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Q. How many people currently have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease? And, how many others do they estimate are not yet diagnosed by a qualified medical professional?

Q. How is Alzheimer's Disease diagnosed?

Q. Does Alzheimer's Disease run in families?

Q. How long can someone live with Alzheimer's Disease?

Q. What are the "stages" of Alzheimer's Disease and how long does each one last?

Q. How do I know when I should be concerned about my family member's problems with memory?

Q. What are some current medications used to treat Alzheimer's Disease?

Q. What is the difference between vascular dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?

Q. What causes the behavioral changes many people with Alzheimer's Disease experience?

Q. When should someone with Alzheimer's Disease stop driving?

Q. How can I find out more about new AD drugs that are currently in clinical trials?

Q. What is the Safe Return ® program?

Q. What help is available to families taking care of someone with Alzheimer's at home?