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Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

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The first signs of Alzheimer’s disease are usually related to memory loss. The person may repeat the same thing many times, have difficulty naming items, may lose things like their glasses, wallet, or keys or get lost themselves. When a loved one has Alzheimer's disease, you may also see changes in the way they behave. These changes may become more pronounced with time. Simple tasks can prove difficult for the person with Alzheimer’s, such as dressing, preparing meals, using the phone, or playing a game.

The Alzheimer's Association has identified ten warning signs to be aware of if you are concerned someone might have Alzheimer's or dementia:

• Memory loss;
• Difficulty performing familiar tasks;
• Problems with language;
• Disorientation to time and place;
• Poor or decreased judgment;
• Problems with abstract thinking;
• Misplacing things in unusual places;
• Changes in mood or behavior;
• Changes in personality; and,
• Loss of initiative.