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Where to Begin Looking for Help

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If you are on our website, you have already started to look for help and you will find it here, under our roof. We can help you to gain a better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, its early signs and symptoms, its progression and different stages, treatment options and types of care available to you, without endless searching.

Click on our Services Available tab and you’ll find information specifically developed for family care-providers such as:

• Information & Referrals – our experienced staff can help you find the resources you need;
• Assessment – we can coordinate assessment services here or help you to find services in your area;
• Family Care-provider Series– practical approaches for caring for a loved one at home;
• Dementia Care Coaching – we can help you to communicate to change behaviors, how to improve family interactions and how to deal with anxiety;
• Early Memory Loss Program - offers a new and dynamic approach to strengthening “brain skills” which incorporates memory enhancement techniques, physical exercise and creative arts.; and,
• Adult Day Program –family caregivers need respite from their daily responsibilities and we provide a safe and stimulating environment that encourages independence.

One of our most important services is caring for the care-provider. Perhaps you haven’t joined a support group because they only meet once a month or because you can’t find reliable care in your home. Click HERE and we’ll get you started in one of our supports groups.

We are here to help you with every step of your journey, with a complete array of services that ensure you won’t travel this road alone. We’ll be there